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Welcome to my personal web page, containing things which intrigue and delight me, and which seem worth sharing and exhibiting. I hope that you enjoy your stay, and uncover something edifying.

Please note that this page doesn't discuss me, directly - just a few of my interests (and compulsions!). I intend it that way! I always welcome suggestions and comments.

Charles T. Low
Brockville, 2023


Kindly check out my commercial presence at ctLow Photography.

Then cast an eye on Photography Basics, an essay on the essentials of photographic technique, both the Art and the Science of it. I wrote it for beginners, but guarantee it to contain a new pearl or two of photographic wisdom for shutterbugs of all levels of experience.

Brockville Drivers

Recently, I have so enjoyed just driving, and it often feels good to do it as a group activity; hence, Brockville Drivers. So periodically, we go for a drive, usually for lunch. All welcome!


As of 2008 May, I converted to sail! Having raced weekly on a friend's sailboat for quite a few years now, I made this decision largely and simply because I awoke, every morning for several months, dreaming of a sailboat. Here she is.

(And, as of 2023, the old girl has sold. [Life goes through its phases.])

ctLow's boat Brockville Power and Sail Squadrons

Then: everything you wanted to know (and more) about my previous boat, Ksenia, purchased in 2001 June. It's a 1978 Trojan 26 Express - a thing of beauty and a joy to handle.

Also, I am proud to be a member of and volunteer webmaster for the Brockville (Ontario, Canada) Power Squadron (CPS), and member of the Brockville Yacht Club, the Thousand Islands Association, and Save the River.

Furthermore, here are some boating opinion articles which I have written:

  1. Privilege and Burden - why boaters should use other terms than "right-of-way"
  2. Mushing - how to keep your boat wake to a minimum
  3. Boat Lists - checklists for common boating activities
  4. Nautical Sound Signals - a memory-aiding summary
  5. Boat Winds - MAFOR code explanation and other wind indicators
  6. PCOC - why I support the Canadian Pleasure Craft Operator's Card
  7. -and more!


Film Brockville

Another volunteer WebMastership, this one for Film Brockville, bringing less widely-distributed (artistic, repertory) movies to town!

SSH VPN for Mac OS X

Specifically for Mac OS X 10.5 and later, this is one way (free but requiring some reading!) to connect two computers securely over the Internet, using SSH ("Secure Shell") to create a VPN ("Virtual Private Network"). This allows file sharing or screen sharing ("remote desktop"), among other things. VPN using SSH. Very cool!


I have written two short essays, from the layman's perspective, on the fascinating grammatical construct of E-Prime. More accurately, I wrote one essay twice - once using E-Prime, which omits any use of the verb "to be", and once not.

ctLow's Aphorisms

I am fond of "sayings," but these ones I have made up himself (or believe I have!) - most of them arising quite spontaneously in the course of conversation - but then recurring for years to come! ctLow's Aphorisms.

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